Luna Park Extreme-O-Meter

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Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney

The whole world seems to be in love with mobile phone apps, so it makes sense, if you’re an amusement park, to develop an online experience that adds to your visitors’ actual experience. Luna Park has developed a corker.

Not only does it keep track of the rides you go on, it rates you according to how many rides you go on and gives you an Extreme-O-Meter at the end of the day which is added to your Facebook page (so you can show off).

My Experience” works together with your Unlimited Rides Pass, so anyone with a smartphone can register – and it’s free. My kids (like me I suppose) are lovers of technology – and lovers of Facebook-sharing so any app that makes that easy goes down well with them.

There’s also the Live Ride Photography where you can get your photo taken on the Tango Train and have it uploaded automatically to your Facebook page so all your friends can have a good laugh.

Then at the end of the day you’re emailed a summary of your experience, including all your status updates and photos.

Ticket prices vary according to your height and peak/off-peak periods but here’s a Top Tip: Buy your ticket online and you can save up to $10. The cost of a Yellow Unlimited Rides Pass is $34.95 – peak or off-peak. Buy it at the park and it will cost you between $39.95 and $44.95.

For the record, yes, the kids are more extreme than me – but I refuse to go on the Rotor. You couldn’t pay me.

Opening hours:

Autumn, Winter & Spring School Holidays
Sunday to Thursday 10am-6pm. Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm.

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