Luna Park Sydney Dares You to Conquer Alone

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Lost Souls Alone

Lost Souls AloneThese school holidays, Luna Park Sydney is for the fearless with the opening of, Alone, from Friday 21 September to Sunday 7 October.

The famous Mirror Maze in Luna Park’s 1930’s fun house, Coney Island, has been around for decades. Throughout the years people have gone in, become lost and never found their way out. Now, the power has been shut-off and these inhabitants lurk the corridors, hidden in darkness, unable to escape.

Who dares to enter?

Guests are dared to grab a friend and take on the old abandoned mirror maze – Alone – a twisted labyrinth shrouded in mystery. Who is brave enough to take the challenge and risk becoming eternally lost inside themselves?

Only champions of bravery and navigation will make it out unscathed. They can then use their new-found courage to take on adrenalin fuelled rides like the Rotor, Flying Saucer and Wild Mouse. Those guests who prefer to avoid protein-spills and spine-tingling frights, might take a more leisurely pace at the Park and opt for traditional favourites such as the Ferris Wheel and Carousel.

Frighteningly good value

Luna Park Sydney is the place for freakishly good fun these holidays and offers great value. Guests have an entire day of fun with an Unlimited Rides Pass which gives them access to Alone and as many rides as they like all day long. For even better value, they can buy their Unlimited Rides Pass online to save $5 off the regular ticket price.

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