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Luna Park Sydney: New Surprises for the Whole Family

Sydney Harbour’s iconic Luna Park has reopened with eight new rides, including the family and children’s roller coaster, Little Nipper.

An artist impression of the new Cloud Nine ride at Luna Park
The new Cloud Nine ride

Big Dipper opened again at Luna Park Sydney

The new Big Dipper is also back but in a completely new guise! It’s bigger, faster, higher, and has a 360-degree loop. With a top speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour, it will be Australia’s tallest and fastest multi-launch coaster, as well as the world’s first inline seating launched roller coaster.

The new Freaky Frogs ride at Luna Park reopening
The new Freaky Frogs ride at Luna Park

Become a Luna Perks member

The Park has also introduced new annual passes from $199, which include exclusive access to the benefits of the Park’s new loyalty program for six months. The Luna Perks Loyalty Program gives members the chance to earn points to unlock special offers, food, toys, show bags and memorabilia as well as experiences. Luna Perks members will also receive special offers that are not available to anyone else, including the Behind the Fun VIP Tour and the Luna Perks Fast Pass. The Program will be exclusive to Annual Pass holders until December. 

The new Silly Sub ride at Luna Park reopening
The new Silly Sub ride at Luna Park

To be introduced soon, a new interactive gamification feature called Luna Play allows visitors to view a 3D interactive map of the park, plan their visit, see the Luna Park Leaderboards, and buy their photos taken on rides.  


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