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New Australian Covid-19 Travel Planning Tool

With all the changes to guidelines and travel restrictions in Australia it’s difficult to keep up. Tourism Australia have come to the rescue with an Australian COVID-19 Travel Portal to help make travel planning easy and safe for families

tourism australia covid19 travel portal
Australian COVID-19 Travel Portal

Find all safe and hustle-free travel advice and border status on Australia COVID-19 Travel Portal

Travelling families can now access the latest travel information in one central location as Australia’s states and territories reopen to travellers intrastate and interstate.

Visit the Australian COVID-19 Travel Portal

This new travel portal provides essential information on the status of all state and territory borders and associated travel restrictions, relevant information on transport, hotels and accommodation, activities and experiences, as well as health and safety tips.

Developed by Tourism Australia, the portal aims to give Australians confidence in booking future travel plans while also helping Australians to travel across the country safety.

One of the significant changes in the travel and tourism industry as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak is a heightened awareness around health concerns, hygiene and physical distancing. As Australians begin to travel again, it is crucial that travellers feel confident to holiday safely and that tourism businesses and their communities are ready to welcome travellers warmly and safely.

The Australian tourism industry has instigated the highest standards and stringent COVID-safe measures to ensure the wellbeing and safety of travellers. This new portal helps travellers by providing up to date practical information relating to all aspects of travelling in Australia. By helping travellers navigate all the different COVID-19 restrictions it is hoped that Australians will continue to explore safely.

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An Australian family cooking at the beach - Credit - Tourism Australia


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