New NRMA ‘Think about it” online videos promote safer driving

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NRMA Safe Driving Videos

NRMA Safe Driving Videos

Are you a texting driver? It might seem harmless enough to have a quick read and text a quick response while at the driver’s wheel, but NRMA has the facts and figures that prove just how dangerous a few seconds texting while driving can be!

In their new online video campaign, ‘Think About It’, NRMA presents the risks of reading texts and texting while driving – and the statistics are sobering!

Did you know that for every text you read or write you take your eyes off the road 5 times? At 60 km/hr that’s 22 metres of road YOU DIDN’T SEE!

Take a few moments to Watch the NRMA Texting & Driving preview here – and stay safe when driving:

Based on data and findings from the NRMA research centre, the ‘Think About It’ videos have been created to educate drivers to promote greater driving safety and include an informative video on Blind Spots.

NRMA 300 Blind Spots

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