New Portable Power Point For Campers and Travellers

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Goes Anywhere, Runs Almost Anything – Silently
Including a Portable Camping Fridge… for The Whole Weekend!

Also charges your phones, tablets, laptop, GoPro, drone – and runs your mini fridge, television, desk fan, handheld appliances, low voltage cookers, insect zapper, mattress pump, CPAP machine, all your lights… and much more!

More convenient than heavy, noisy, smelly petrol generators, this new kid on the block allows you to charge anything, or run many common appliances –  anywhere. It’s the new range of Power Buddy® Mobile Power Stations.

‘At under 10kg Power Buddy® Pro 500 is half the weight of most generators, and smaller than an overnight bag. Even a child can pick it up.’

Unlike generators and inferior power sources that have very few output ports for charging devices, the Power Buddy® Pro series has mega-capacity with a dozen different output ports built-in including 240V AC, Cigarette Lighter, Quick Charge USB, Type C and 12 Volt DC – to run or charge multiple devices while off the grid. Best of all, it’s silent, and won’t spoil the serenity of your weekend. And with no emissions, you can use it indoors!

The water-resistant case and smart over-voltage protection keep all your appliances safe. The advanced thermal management maximises Power Buddy’s® life span even in extreme temperatures. And with a range of removable lithium battery capacities that exceed 1000 watt hours, it has the grunt to keep you powered all weekend (and longer).

The powerful lithium battery holds charge for up to a full year so it’s always charged and ready when you need it. And when it eventually runs low, it takes just seconds to swap in a freshly charged one. Or recharge in just a few hours with your car cigarette lighter socket, household power point or solar panels.

Power Buddy® Mobile Power Stations are handy around the home too. Never be caught out during a storm or power outage. Use Power Buddy COMPACT or PRO series in the yard, to take your laptop to a café, charge your power tools in the back of a car and even on picnics or job sites.


Power Buddy® Mobile Stations will be released by December 2018 and are the ultimate portable power point for camping, home and work. To register your interest for our special pre-launch discount offers and enter the competition to WIN a Free Power Buddy® Pro 500 when this revolutionary range of products launches, click the register link below or go to The competition winner will be announced on by 1st December 2018.

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