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New ride opens at Aussie World theme park on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Aussie World
The SX360 at Aussie World

SX360 launches at Aussie World Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has welcomed its first ever tier 1 thrill ride with the launch of the SX360 at Aussie World theme park at Palmview. As Australia’s tallest and fastest 360-degree pendulum swing, it is bound to be a hit with adrenalin junkies. The ride reaches speeds of 80km per hour while launching 32m into the air and completing four inversions up to 5Gs, which is a never-before-seen feature on this style of ride in Australia. The Park is also building its first rollercoaster. The spinning coaster will be a classic medium-sized rollercoaster designed for all ages, featuring seven cars, seating up to four people each, that simultaneously spins while moving around the track. The rollercoaster car will reach a height of 14m before twisting and turning along the track at speeds of up to 72km per hour.


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