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Nikki Webster’s Great Family Travel Experiences

She became a household name after performing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and now Nikki Webster is all grown up with two kids of her own. And there’s nothing the Strawberry Kisses singer loves more than getting out and about with Skylah, 8, and Malakai, 5. She shares some of her top travel experiences with Out & About with Kids

Nikki Webster and her kids at a Trolls dance party

Hello, Nikki Webster. How often do you get away on family holidays?

I love to have the chance to travel with the children as much as possible. This is often determined around when I can sneak away from work and now working within school holidays. We try to do a longer holiday once a year. I love to experience travel with them and watch their eyes light up in new places and create lifelong memories with them now they are a little older too.

Where are your favourite places to go in Australia?

I absolutely love Queensland. The theme parks and weather are always a hit and it’s nice and close to do a short trip or a longer relaxing one.

What has been your favourite family holiday overseas?

We did a trip to London recently where we got the chance to go over and surprise my grandparents. It was the most magical time and we snuck in a quick trip to Paris as well.

Nikki Webster and her kids

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a family holiday?

Oh, that’s a tough one as holidays are fantastic. I think it would have to be losing my luggage and not having any underwear or clean clothes for days!

And the best?

A more recent memory would be standing in front of the castle at Disneyland Resort on New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks and experiencing the Disney magic. A memorable moment for my parents, brother, the kids and I. It was also such a great time for them to experience this time of year in a colder climate.

What’s the one thing every family should experience?

I would say a cruise with their kids. There is always so much to do — great food, swimming, great entertainment and kids’ club. Cruising also gives a chance for the kids to meet and connect with friends from all around the world and see a range of different places in a shorter timeframe.

Nikki's kids ready for a cruise

How is travelling now different to before you had kids?

While it often means more packing and it’s a little tough on the travel days, it’s 100 per cent more fun and enjoyable seeing them have fun. It absolutely fills my heart with so much joy to see them experience new places and new things.

What advice do you have for travelling with kids?

Always be prepared and pack lots of craft activities for them to do in their room or on the plane/for travelling days.

Where would you like to go next?

Fiji, New York and another cruise is on the bucket list for my family.

Nikki Webster with her parents, children and brother at Disneyland Paris

Along with her brother Scott Webster, Nikki is the co-creator of two performing arts studios in Sydney and on the Central Coast. “Dance Nikki Webster” offers more than 25 classes for kids aged from two to 18, with styles ranging from tap and jazz to cheerleading, acrobatics, hip hop and RAD ballet. 

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