No rules, big bubbles – kids love bubble soccer.

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Looking for a way to take the football world cup action out of the living room? We have a great idea for you - Bubble Soccer.

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 It is pretty much as it sounds. Step inside a giant, inflatable bubble and attempt to play soccer. You can bash into each other, bounce and trip your way around the field.

 And the rules? There are no rules. You do whatever you can to get the ball in the opposing team’s goal.


Most states in Australia have a bubble soccer venue. New South Wales is leading the craze with 15 venues. Queensland has five, as does Victoria.

Some companies will come to your venue. Other such as the Football Factory in Frenchs Forest have indoor courts set up ready for you to play.

Prices vary. Some companies will ask you to pay per session so you will need to have a full team ready. Others such as Babballz Cains allow you to pay “per bubble”. We found a huge variation in the prices at each venue - from $10 per person up to $40. Most venues offer at least an hour on the field. But some have matches as short as 20 minutes. Do your research to find the best venue for your budget.

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Kids love bubble soccer, but for safety reasons, many companies have age limits. We have listed some of them below. Check with the venue to ensure they have age-specific bubbles - they come in different sizes. Bubble soccer 2u in Melbourne has suits to fit kids aged from 6 to large adults. But Bubballz Cairns will only take kids aged 16 and over.

Here’s our list of bubble soccer venues across Australia. Let us know if you know of any more. We will add them on.

Menai Indoor Sports centre

Ages: Minimum height 120cm

Venue: Menai Indoor Sports centre

Price: $16 per person


Revolution Park Newcastle Bubble Soccer

Age: above 8

Venue: Revolution Park Newcastle

Price: $10 per person


St Clair Leisure centre

Age: Children must be taller than 150cm

Venue: St Clair Leisure Centre

Price: $150 per hour, includes 8 bubble soccer balls.


The Football Factory

Age: Ask the venue

Venue: Frenchs Forest

Price: $30.00 per player per game (games last 20 minutes)


Bubble soccer Geelong

Age: 13+

Venue: Waurn Ponds, Torquay, East Geelong or your own.

Price: from $25 per person


Box Hill Indoor sports centre

Age: 8 and above

Venue: Box Hill Indoor Sports Centre

Price: $200 per hour for eight to 10 bubbles.


Dubbo Sports World

Venue: Dubbo

Age: Contact the company

Price: Contact the company


Eight Fox Avenue Indoor Sports Centre

Venue: Illawarra

Age: Check with the venue

Price: $30 per person


Bubble Soccer Sydney

Age: Over 7.

Venues: Newington Reserve, Ultimo, Glebe, Dover Heights or your own venue

Cost:  $250 for 1 hour session with 10 bubble suits + $50 park hire $100 for optional inflatable field.


Bubble soccer Australia

Age: Ask the company

Venues: Newington, Ultimo, Miranda, Olympic Park

Cost: Up to $450 per hour with inflatable field


Bubble soccer Brisbane

Age: Ask the company

Venue: Supply your own

Price: $350 for 1 Hour Session. Venue / Park Hire fees not included


Bubballz Cairns

Age: 16+

Venue: Supply your own

Price: $30 per ball for the first hour. $25 per hour thereafter.

Minimum of 8 balls.


Corporate Bubble Soccer Melbourne 

Age: Check with venue

Venue: Supply your own

Price: $199 for the first hour max 8 players.

Globe riding Australia

Age: Kids suits available

Venue: Supply your own in Brisbane

Price: $500 includes two hours playing time, 10 bubbles, inflatable arena, set up and pack up, staff supervision.


Mathmatters Australia

Age: Kids aged 5-12 are taught maths skills to enable them to calculate their own scores in bubble soccer.

Venue: Albert Park

Price: $400 for 1.5 hours (birthday parties). But the company also runs vacation care and after school activities.


Party Fun 4 All

Age: 7 to 16 years.

Venue: Supply your own

Price: From $330 per hour (for 10 bubbles)


Curcuits4Life Tamworth

Age: 13 +

Venue: Tamworth Sports zone or your own venue

Price: Contact the club

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