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On the road to FNQ with 9-year-old Khye Riordan

Khye's Family in Bundaberg, QLD

On a tour of the iconic Bundaberg Rum Factory in Queensland, Out & About With Kids’ Elisa Elwin had the good fortune to encounter the delightful Riordan/Kinnear family, making a pit stop on their way to Airlie Beach in Far North Queensland.

This multi-generational road trip began in Kempsey, NSW and 9-year-old Khye Riordan’s story of that adventure – with Pop, Rodney Kinnear, Nan, Vicci Kinnear, Mum and Dad Tania and Dean Riordan, brothers Kurt, 16 and Dion, 9, little sister Tahni, 3 and Uncle, Tim and Aunty Kylee Kinnear – describes all of the fun of this family holiday after leaving Bundaberg!

Khye and Tahni enjoy a fondue

“After we met you we went to Yepoon and stayed for a night at a resort that had the best pool and then we walked to a restaurant that had a PlayStation in the games room!

So then our adventure continued and finally after three days of driving we got to beautiful Airlie Beach. The resort was what was called ‘waters edge’ and the pool was the best.”

Day 1

The first day was hot so we walked to the big lagoon. It was fun and there was a even a little pool for my little sister. On our way home we went to Salt Restaurant where my mum, nana, Tahni and I had fondue – fruit and lollies that you can dip in melted chocolate. We also had a yummy iced chocolate. Our friends Brent and Gemma arrived to join us on our adventure.

Day 2

Today we’re going ocean rafting, but not all of us because the women were too scared and my pop was scared too and my Uncle Tim chickened out as soon as we got to the dock. It was swaying with the wind so it came up to me, my dad, Kurt, Dion and family friend Brent. It was a bit rough going out, but while we were out there the end of Cyclone Oswald blew up, it was so mad coming back in the rough seas. When we got closer to shore all the yachts had got wrecked on the shore.

Wrecked boats thanks to Cyclone Oswald

My dad and Brent were really scared but we thought it was fun. When we could see the headland there were heaps of people yelling and cheering and clapping us in. The driver said it was the worst conditions he’d ever been out in. But I knew we were in good hands.

Rough seas and bad weather

Day 3

A wedding is on so it’s exciting. My uncle is the Best Man and they had a kids table and an adults table it was so fun. I made a new friend and I got to dress up in a fancy suit and hat because it was formal.

Khye all dressed up in formal gear and hat for the wedding

Day 4

We went on an island hopper cruise and it was awesome! We went to Daydream Island, we had a swim in the pool and then we had an Australia Day photo and then a bush walk. The bush walk ended at the beach called Lovers Cove, then we went back and had an Aussie BBQ near the pool – they had a band and games and it was really good. Then we caught the boat over to Hamilton Island where we swam in the pool and the adults had a cocktail at the bar in the pool they also had a great band for us to listen to. While we waited for the boat to go back home we had an ice cream and watched the big planes landing and the boats coming and going.

Lucky for us, because of Cyclone Oswald we got to stay another day as we couldn’t get out due to flooding so we went on another cruise snorkelling. I got to feed the fish and we went in a glass bottom boat and had to wear a stinger suit – it was cool.

It was also good for my sister as she’s only 3 and they had a stinger suit for her and goggles and noodles floats so she could see the coral with us. We also went to Whitehaven Beach where we had to go in little rafts to the shore and we got to have a swim, the water was beautiful and blue it was great.

The Riordan and Kinnear families ready for some water action

Sadly we had to leave the next day as they told us another low was coming and as it was the wet season we might not get home for ages.

Heading Home

On the way home to Kempsey it was a big flood. Our first stop was at Yepoon. It was a hot drive but not long, then we went to Gladstone and then it got a bit too scary with the flood and when we got to GinGin there was no food and no petrol! We met a truckie who told us that the highway will open in an hour so we went and lined up with the other cars. It was really hot waiting on the side of the highway but lucky mum bought water before we left Airlie Beach.

Then we got to the Gold Coast and it was a long and hot drive. The next day was the same as we had to go around Grafton to Kempsey but as I got home I was very sad about the floods especially Bundaberg. Mum showed us the Rum Factory with all the water around it.

Another family adventure to plan!

We are going on another adventure in April as my brother Kurt is rowing in the Aussie Titles in Tugun, Queensland. My nana and Pa are coming but my Uncle Tim and Aunty Kylee’s baby is due so they can’t come with us.


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