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January 27, 2011
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Camping has all the fun of traveling somewhere different, living with nature, exploring a new environment and sleeping in a tent. Campfires, cooking in the open and walking in the bush - activities we don't normally get to experience - may all be part of the adventure. So pick up a tent and a sleeping bag and head out - but first take a look at these ten best camping spots for great places to camp with your family.

Some of these spots are in caravan parks while others are in the middle of the bush or by the beach. Some you have to walk to and others you drive right up to the campsite. However, they're all in exciting locations and all offer very special holidays.

1. Springvale Homestead, NT

The best thing about Springvale Homestead is that it offers something for the whole family. Great camping under shady trees, swimming, history (the actual homestead is the oldest stone building in northern Australia), wildlife roaming the grounds, and the attractions of nearby Katherine's thirteen gorges. An exciting crocodile cruise departs from here where very close encounters with these giant toothy reptiles means there's lots to talk about at the bush BBQ while you recover from the experience.

Ph: 08 8972 1355, visit Springvale Homestead.

2. Waddy Point, Fraser Island, QLD

Where else would you want to camp in Queensland but on a tropical island with lots of sand? Fraser Island is completely made of sand, creating soft beds for bodies. Located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, the island offers great weather, safe swimming in over 100 freshwater lakes and ancient rainforests to explore. Waddy Point is on the eastern beach with showers, picnic tables, barbecues, toilets and tap water.


3. Cosy Cabins Holiday Park, Cradle Mountains, TAS

You share your campsite with a lot of visiting wildlife at Cradle Mountain, including possums and the small, furry, wallaby-looking Pademelons. This World Heritage Area, famed for its spectacular scenery, stretches through many miles of lakes, peaks, rainforests and moorlands into the mists. However when the weather gets cold and rainy - a common experience - its wonderful to return to sheltered facilities, including store, communal kitchen, BBQs, laundry and toilets.

Ph: 1800 068 574, visit Cosy Cabins Holiday Park.

4. Little Dip Conservation Park, Robe, SA

There are many bush camping nooks catching the sea breezes, sprinkled along the 15 kilometres of coastline at Little Dip Conservations Park. The Park includes several unique lakes each with its own ecosystem and character, while the sea offers surf waves breaking over reefs. Walks reveal birdlife, wildlife, shells, flotsam and anglers. Nearby is the colourful town of Robe.

Ph: 08 8735 1177, visit Little Dip Conservation Park.

5. Gunlom, Kakadu, NT

If you want to camp right in the 20,000 square kilometres of Kakadu's stunning wilderness, then Gunlom, a bush camping site in the south of the park, is a magical place. The site combines a waterfall and serene plunge pool with shady gums cooling the picnic areas. Nothing can beat Kakadu for vast plains filled with Magpie Geese, the adrenalin rush of sighting crocodiles while cruising rivers, walks around billabongs or the accessibility of indigenous culture.

Ph: 13 67 68, visit Kakadu National Park.

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