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Lochie Daddo – Actor, Reporter, Presenter

Lochie Daddo

Aussie actor, reporter, television presenter and father of two, Lochie Daddo shares his family holiday tips and memories.

Where is your favourite family holiday spot in Australia?

Yamba on the NSW North Coast. We went there every year as kids with our family, producing some wonderful memories, and now the tradition continues with mine. It’s quiet, relaxed, has great fishing, family-friendly beaches, and great surf for the big kids (me).

Where is your favourite family overseas holiday spot?

As a family you can’t go past Fiji – one quick plane ride, and you are there. The locals are wonderful with children, and the weather is great.

What’s your fondest childhood holiday memory?

Fishing with dad on the breakwall at Yamba. I caught the biggest fish of my life, and turned around to see a big grin on my Dad’s face.

What is your top tip for a family driving holiday?

Plan your stops. Dump the videos and play games. Make the drive as much of an adventure as the destination.

Any hints for flying with kids?

Wear them out before you jump on.

Describe your favourite family holiday photo

Lochie Daddo's Little PirateWe were heading off on a boat on Sydney’s Pittwater for a weekend. It proved you don’t have to go away to go away. My daughter Daisy decided she wanted to dress for the part…

Do you have a dream destination?

South America ― pack the kids up and have a real adventure.

Do you prefer resorts with kids clubs?

Personally, it’s not important but it’s a nice bonus. I see a family holiday as just that, hanging with the family. I want to create memories WITH them.

Describe your funniest holiday moment?

Three families, seven little girls and one cabin. Tight fit, lots of pink and lots of laughs.


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