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Out & About with…. Comedian & Radio Presenter Adam Spencer

Adam SpencerAustralian comedian, media personality, ABC 702breakfast radio presenter and proud supporter of children’s charities Red Kite and Kids for Life, Adam Spencer, is also the doting dad of two daughters. Here he shares his family holiday tips and memories.

Where is your favourite family holiday spot in Australia?

My wife has family on the NSW Central Coast and we regularly get up there. The New Years Eve Central Coast Mariners game followed by the fireworks over the bay is a highlight.

Where is your favourite family holiday spot internationally, and why?

Presented with the choice between the French Riviera and a villa in Tuscany, I always plump for… the Central Coast. There is something about the allure of the Davistown RSL bistro that no Michelin-rated restaurant can ever match.

What’s your fondest childhood holiday memory?

Our parents took us to Manly for a long weekend, which given that we lived in Gladesville (about 45 minutes away) wasn’t the most amazing journey ever, but we loved it. I can still remember eating fish and chips whilst watching Graham Kennedy’s Blankety Blanks on the first colour TV we’d ever seen! I don’t think a fortnight at Disneyland could have excited us more.

What is your top tip for a family driving holiday?

It doesn’t matter if they can’t really spy it with their little eye – just go with the flow.

Any hints for flying with kids?

We did it with Ellie when she was three months old – London return – easy. She slept for about 18 hours. Then again, I’ve sat next to kids on domestic flights who have managed to age me a year in 55 minutes.  There are no rules, except this – you can safely assume that the parent with the screaming kid is enjoying it even less than you are.

Describe your Favourite Family Holiday Photo?

Adam Spencer and WifeThree months after Ellie was born we travelled to Scotland for my wife’s friends’ marriage. I wore a kilt – as you do – and we were trying to find something for Ellie to wear but no-one supplied size minus 5 kilts. My wife, always the ingenious type, spotted a teddy bear in full Scottish regalia, about the same size as our daughter. We purchased the bear, threw it in the bin, and kept the gear it was wearing. It fitted perfectly and the Scots at the wedding loved it!   Ellie was oblivious to the fuss but, as always, loved the attention.

Do you have a dream family holiday destination?

I’d prefer to spend a week with my family in a rundown, flea bitten dive in the middle of nowhere, than by myself in a five-star luxury resort in Dubai. (Please make sure my wife reads that answer!)


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