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Penguin Party

Elisa Elwin Phillip Island VIC April 2012

Phillip Island, Victoria is an easy and pretty 90-minute drive from downtown Melbourne. This windswept island houses rural communities, a grand prix track, vineyards, great surf beaches, accommodation, good food and fun indulgences – like too much chocolate – to suit all groups and budgets. Tons of fun, interactive, educational and eco activities for kids of all ages. This stunning community with its friendly locals seems to have it all.

Phillip Island Boardwalk

Then…… there are the Little Penguins. These guys are the scene-stealers without a doubt. Each night at sunset, the world’s smallest penguins, the Little Penguins, emerge from the sea and waddle ashore to their sand dune burrows.

Little Penguins @ Phillip Island

And waddle they do, full-to-exploding from their day of fishing, they emerge from the water in their 1000s. There are over 32,000 pairs of nesting Little Penguins on this rare 8 kilometre stretch of coastline. Little Penguins everywhere hop, skip, jump and preen their way to their burrows. Some with a nightly 2 kilometre uphill waddle to get home from their day at sea.

Ready for night time penguin viewing @ Phillip Island

These guys are seriously, divinely cute. Not even the night wind chill dampens the enthusiasm of the hoards of visitors waiting and watching this Passing Penguin Parade.

This is a family must do treat. Rug up and take a blanket. Get ready for a natural spectacle you can only see here on the fortunate Phillip Island. Happy feet, happy smiles, happy everyone all of us had huge grins as we left this incredible evening.

There are loads of other great things to do at Phillip Island, aside from the gorgeous penguins!

Here is my list of the fun and the fabulous.

Amaze'N'Things Shrinking Room

A Maze’N’Things

A Head on a Platter at Amaze 'N' Things

Come and test your senses of logic and fun at A Maze’N’ Things, nestled in the centre of Phillip Island.

Hours of activities

Things to do


Stimulating puzzles


Memory tests

Nobbies Centre

Stop at The Nobbies Centre for a visit before you go to the Penguin Parade. This is Australia’s newest marine attraction. The centre is a new state of the art facility with a fantastic kids play area that takes in breathtaking views and walks of the peninsula.

Little Penguin in a custom-knit jumper

Explore and discover the secrets of the incredible southern marine environment including seals, sharks and dolphins via interactive displays and unique cameras that allow you to zoom in and out on these marine creatures that live 1.5km offshore. These are the only cameras of their kind in the southern hemisphere.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Spend some time wandering around Churchill Island Heritage Farm, where you will see sheep shearing in action, learn about Australia’s first settlement and meet the Island’s interesting animals including the Clydesdale horses and Highland cattle. Daily activities take place between 11.00am and 4.00pm.

Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate

Pannys is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Panny and his team invite you to spend a few hours exploring the Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

Koala Conservation Centre

Koalas at Phillip Island

Explore the natural bushland that safely houses a population of koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre.

Stroll along the network of tree top boardwalks and get an up close and personal experience.

Chat to the rangers and enjoy the abundance of wildlife – you may see a wallaby or echidna!

Wildlife Coast Cruises

Experience a spectacular two-hour cruise with Wildlife Coast Cruises at Seal Rocks.

Seal Pup

You will see one of Australia’s largest wild Fur Seal colonies just 2kms off the rugged south west coast of Phillip Island.

The boat drifts within metres of thousands of seals. You and the kids will be captivated as these naturally playful and inquisitive animals regularly approach the boat for a closer look at you!

Check Under Your Car!

Phillip Island is truly a fantastic place to visit with so many amazing things to see and do.

All ages will enjoy the breathtaking vistas and amazing wildlife …. just remember, before you leave, to check for Little Penguins!

For more information visit the Phillip Island website.

Elisa Elwin is a Publisher, Travel Writer, Social Worker and parent to 2 teenage daughters Sam & Tori. With family far and wide, they visit and spread their wings a couple of times a year.


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