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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
Phillip Island Chocolate Factory has expanded its mouth-watering offerings, introducing more fun-filled chocolate activities to its interactive exhibition – Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate.

Visitors coming to Phillip Island can now experience the remarkable chocolate extension, which is more than 50% bigger than the previous exhibition.

Included in the delicious new exhibition:

  • A three dimensional zoetrope that will allow visitors to watch chocolate characters come to life, as if by magic
  • A humorous display showing a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, created by the designers of the Myer Christmas Windows
  • A carnival side show alley of chocolate games offering visitors the chance to test their skills and win chocolate prizes
  • Panny’s very own replica Penguin Parade
  • A magical chocolate kitchen where visitors can play, smell, feel and touch to try and guess the tasty ingredients in the chocolate centres
  • A new hands-on interactive activity where visitors can create their own chocolate centres. Each month, one design will be chosen to be made and sold at the chocolate factory!
  • A crazy chocolate banquet with unexpected surprises
  • A life-size chocolate wonderland display where visitors can stand amongst the chocolate and have their photo taken

The new displays and activities are in addition to the more than 30 pre-existing interactive, chocolate adventures already available at the Chocolate Factory.

A must for chocolate lovers, Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is a fascinating, interactive and educational celebration of all things chocolate. With Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate exhibition and ever-changing varieties of chocolates to choose from, it is without a doubt the sweetest adventure on the island.


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