Pop up Globe theater to open in Sydney

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The world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is set to open for six weeks at Sydney’s Moore Park.

 The pop-up Globe will open on September 5 with performances of Magical fantasy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors.

 Tickets for the theatre range from $50.82 for off-peak D-reserve seats to $162.97 for A Reserve seats on weekends, Thursday and Friday nights.

 Audiences can expect to see full-scale battles, hundreds of litres of fake blood, stage acrobatics and more than 450 beautiful bespoke period costumes pieces specially constructed by the Pop-up Globe in-house wardrobe department.

 The theatre is a replica of Shakespeare’s second globe theatre which opened in London in 1614 (the first Globe theatre burnt to the ground).

Picture Credit: Jay Wennington

 The pop-up theatre was originally designed as a one-off project in Auckland New Zealand to commemorate the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. It proved to be such a hit, that the founders have now taken the show on the road. The 2018 season in Sydney comes after a successful season in Melbourne in 2017.

 “We’re excited to welcome Sydney audiences into to this unique space to experience Shakespeare in the space for which it was written,” Pop-up Globe founder, CEO and artistic director Dr Miles Gregory says.

Picture Credit: Jay Wennington

 Shakespeare’s plays were designed for a round theatre that encourage interaction with the audience and that’s something the pop-up globe fouder’s were hoping to replicate.

“Our audiences are blown away by the immersive experience of seeing Shakespeare performed in the space for which it was written,” Gregory says.

Picture Credit: Jay Wennington

“The relationship between actor and audience, the spectacular space itself, together with the power of Shakespeare’s incredible work, means attending plays at Pop-up Globe is totally different from anything you’ve seen before.”

 This could definitely be one even to take the teens to – particularly those studying Shakespeare in high school.

Picture Credit: Jay Wennington