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Out & About with…. Racing Car Legend Craig Lowndes

Craig Lowndes & Family

Craig Lowndes is one of the most popular and recognisable figures in Australian sport.
King of the racetrack, Craig is now speeding his onto the small screen, weekdays on ABC, to become king of the kids as the voice of V8 supercar star, Conrod, in the award winning pre-school animation, Roary the Racing Car. Here the father of two shares his favourite family holiday memories

Where is your favourite Australian family holiday spot?

We have a caravan which we take to as many racetracks as we can – people are surprised that we do so much driving between races but it’s just nice to be able to take your time. South West Rocks on the NSW North Coast is the place we keep returning to – the beachfront is beautiful. I just love the place.

What’s your fondest childhood holiday memory?

Craig Lowndes in RoaryGo-karting with my father at racetracks across Victoria was a big part of my childhood but I also used to spend time at the family farm working with my uncle. I’d help get the sheep in and watch the shearers… I still really enjoy the country life.

What is your top tip for a family driving holiday?

Take your time, be prepared and be adventurous. It’s no surprise that I used to want to get from A to B in a hurry but now, with the kids, we explore the in-betweens and have discovered great places.

Any hints for flying with kids?

Try to wear them out before you get on the plane so they’ll sleep most of the way and make sure you have plenty to keep them occupied like colouring-in and story books.

Do you prefer resorts with kids clubs?

It’s nice to be able to split it fifty-fifty. Hamilton Island is a sensational place because you can spend time alone or with other adults as well as family time with the kids.

Describe your biggest family holiday disaster?

We drove the caravan up to Double Island in Queensland and on the way I got the four wheel drive bogged – which (as a professional driver) is more of an embarrassment than a disaster.  My wife thought it was hilarious and has never let me live it down.

Do you have a dream destination?

I’d love to take the kids to a theme park like Disneyland – which I think my wife and I would enjoy as much as they would.


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