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Samoa: Top 10 family things to see and do

1) Visit beautiful Afa A’au Waterfall. It’s an easy drive up to the falls and the clean swimming hole at the bottom of them – a perfect spot in which the family can take a refreshing swim.

2) Swimming and snorkelling with the turtles at the wetlands in the village of Satoalepai is a must.

3) View the spectacular Alofa’aga blowholes in the village of Taga. Reputedly the second-most powerful in the world (but be careful, as the area isn’t fenced).

Papaseea smooth rocks are fun to slide down through the waterfall into a deep, freshwater pool.

4) The Falealupo Rainforest Reserve offers a unique rainforest canopy walk with spectacular views from the suspension bridge, which spans a 30-metre gap between two giant banyan trees.

5) Visit Robert Louis Stevenson’s home, now an amazing and interesting museum.

6) Piula Cave Pool in the grounds of the Methodist Theological College is an oval-shaped natural pool filled with cool spring water flowing from a cave beneath the church.

7) Papaseea smooth rocks are fun to slide down through the waterfall into a deep, freshwater pool. Divided into ones for kids and adults.

8 ) At Uafato and the surrounding villages are the best wood carvers in Samoa. The kids will be fascinated watching wood carvers in action.

9) Watch traditional Samoa fire dancing – performed at the major hotels, of which Aggie Grey’s is the most luxurious.

10) Enjoy a traditional feast of fish, pork and root vegetables (yams, sweet potato or taro flavoured with coconut cream) are cooked in an umu (‘underground oven’).

For more tips and travel ideas, visit Samoa Tourism


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