Science is fun at ANSTO

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April 26, 2018
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Want to set fire to a scientist, discover a dinosaur in a rock or get your fingers stuck in some green sticky slime? All this and more is possible at ANSTO- Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, where researchers look at ways that nuclear medicine can help save our lives.

Test out equipment – like a digital microscope and a rare cloud chamber, and discover the Fossil Room and hear how nuclear science helps researchers determine the age and species in a fossil without having to break it apart. The Environmental Centre is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and helps work out the age of ancient artefacts through a technique called carbon dating. Visit ANSTO’s Discovery Centre and have fun experimenting with nuclear science and technology.

Be sure to check out a Spooky Science show during school holidays where science is made fun. Help real scientists set stuff alight and make giant smoke bombs. Or join a workshop and learn ways to use science at home. Make a kazoo, a telephone cup and sticky green slime that’s rock hard to the punch. Get hands-on in the Discovery Centre Lab – mess around with science equipment, turn clear liquids multi coloured, make elephant toothpaste or create a tornado in a bottle. Wow! See giant clams and read their ridges to determine – like trees – how old they are.

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