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Sea World

Conveniently located minutes from the heart of Surfers Paradise, Sea World has a terrific range of animal exhibits, shows and thrill rides for all ages.

The dolphin show is a must-see, as is the shark exhibit. You can catch the monorail or skyway around the park for a birds-eye view and even stay next door at the Sea World Resort. Splash out at the water-park if you want to cool down and if you have little ones Sesame Street Beach will keep them amused with a dozen or so pint-sized rides.

Thrill-seekers can get their kicks from high adrenalin rides and rollercoasters, or for something really special book ahead for a face-to-face animal encounter like swimming with the dolphins or diving with the sharks. The Sea World Resort offers free access to the water park section of the theme park and has its own water playground, so even on days you don’t visit the theme park you can enjoy hours of water play.

When: The park is open every day except Christmas day and ANZAC Day on 25 April.

Who: All ages.

Price: A one day admission is $74.99 per adult, and $49.99 per child. If your family is a repeat offender a much better deal is the annual pass at $99.99 per person.

(by Tonya Ward)


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