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Silvia Colloca’s BEST travel experiences [Quick Interview]

Italian-Australian cook, TV presenter, opera singer and author Silvia Colloca loves travelling with her Australian actor husband Richard Roxborough and their three children, Raffi, 15, Miro, 12, and Luna, 5. While Italy is by far the Little Tornadoes star’s favourite destination, she also loves road trips from their home in Sydney up the NSW coast and exploring other parts of the world

Silvia and Miro in Italy
Silvia Colloca and Miro in Italy

Hi Silvia Colloca, have you done much travelling with your children?

Lots! Ever since they were babies, I’ve always taken them back home to Italy to their family. We have also been to New York, Fiji and Thailand.

Image 1: Miro and Luna enjoying some Italian treats; Image 2: Miro and Luna outside the Colosseum in Rome
Image 1: Miro and Luna enjoying some Italian treats; Image 2: Miro and Luna outside the Colosseum in Rome

What has been your favourite family holiday in Australia and why?

Road trips up the coast, with a stop in Valla Beach, near Nambucca Heads. Simple, spontaneous fun family time.

When did you move to Australia and why?

I moved to Australia in 2009 with my Australian husband.

Beautiful panoramic view of Milan

Silvia, how often do you get back to Italy?

When there’s no pandemics, we try and go every year and mostly spend time with my family in Milan and Abruzzo.

How is travelling different now to before you had kids?

Travelling with kids gives the word “patience” a whole new meaning!

Image 1 Silvia and Miro enjoying an Italian feast Image 2 Silvias daughter in Italy
Image 1: Silvia and Miro enjoying an Italian feast; Image 2: Silvias daughter in Italy

What’s the worst thing that’s happened when travelling with kids?

When Raffi was 18 months old and did not sleep at all for 24 hours! I landed in London a zombie!

And the best?

Every time we go back home to Italy.

Silvia Italian Trade Agency
Silvia Colloca holding up a baked pasta dish

Where would you like to go for your next family holiday?

I don’t mind the destination, as long as we are together.

Silvia’s latest book, The Italian Home Cook is published by Pan Macmillan

She has also partnered with the Italian Trade Agency and the Dairy Industry Association Assolatte to share recipes featuring some of their favourite Italian cheese varieties available in Australia. Visit

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