Snap photos like the professionals!

Snow Time in The Garden @ Hunter Valley Gardens
July 2, 2014
Warm up with a winter escape to Newcastle
July 9, 2014

Canon EOS 1200D22_eu_CAThese days, we all feel like photographers, snapping away with the cameras on our smartphones or using compacts. However, sometimes you need something a step up from that, and we found the Canon EOS 1200D is perfect for capturing high-quality family photographs and full HD home movies, no matter your skill level!

Magic moments happen every day and we’re more likely to capture them if we know the results are going to be great – and especially if the camera is easy to use. The EOS 1200D offers beautiful detail and vivid colours, making even the quickest snap look wonderful.

Canon EOS 1200D20_eu_CAWe found the unit to be truly user-friendly, with a simple and easy to use display and navigation between modes such as still and video is a breeze. This is a great entry level DSLR for anyone who wants to take the next step from ‘point and shoot’ cameras.

The chassis is lightweight yet durable and is comfortable to hold. The lack of weight means it is easy to toss in a bag or backpack, so it’s always on hand to take that perfect image.

According to our expert testers (thanks Hamish and Chris Buchanan!) the unit also ticks the boxes for those with more advanced needs. The lens is versatile and usable in a range of situations and there are more lenses available for purchase, for those with a higher level of photographic skill or more specific needs.

As for home videos, the EOS 1200D has a wide range of easy-to-use controls – offering control of exposure, focus and sound levels. Video Snapshot mode allows you to record a series of short video clips and automatically joins them together in the camera for a summary movie of your family outing.

This camera is great for getting good quality photos, and priced at around $530, it doesn’t break the bank!

Canon EOS 1200DVisit Canon Australia for more details.