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Snow Time in Hunter Valley Gardens

Tim and Louisa took Ava, aged 7 and Will, aged two for some special snowtime fun in the NSW Hunter Valley.


The kids had a wonderful time from the beginning of our trip! On arriving at Harrigan’s Irish Pub’s accommodation they went straight for the massive beds, jumping up and down until we tied them in to them at the end of the night! They have everything from studios to 3 bedroom.


We woke up to a stunning morning and the kids loved exploring the vineyards behind the hotel. Our only disappointment was that there were no grapes to see as it was the middle of winter… We’ll just have to come back!


Ava loved the buffet breakfast at Harrigan’s so much that I think she sampled everything there! After breakfast we headed off down the road to the Snow Time Winter Wonderland at Hunter Valley Gardens.


A great set up, you walk through the beautiful gardens to the top where the Winter Wonderland is situated. As soon as the kids saw the snow we knew we were in for a tiring few hours!! We started in the snow pit making snowmen, digging, piling, jumping, falling over, you name it…


We decided to skip the snowball fight arena as we felt the kids were a little too small for a snowball in the face but it was set up really well. Then it was off to the tobogganing, which was lots of fun, and we all had several turns. The toboggans were faster than I thought they would be – must have been the extra weight from the buffet breakfast helping gain speed…


Ava was the first onto the ice skating ring and although at first she found it quite frustrating trying to skate, by the second lap, and after countless ‘I know how to do it, mum’ exchanges, she was smiling in no time. Will (Mr 2 yr old) and I watched the mayhem, arguments and his big sister falling on her bum (with giggles each time from Will) from the sidelines…


After about 2-3 hours of snow time fun we walked through the Story Time section of the gardens which was wonderful, the kids kept finding characters from the books we read them.


Will loved the Alice in Wonderland table and the massive red chair and took great joy in rolling down the hill with Jack & Jill.


We ended the day with a amazing helicopter ride over the Hunter Valley. The staff at Slattery Helicopters were fantastic. The kids got to play around in the helicopter before Ava and I headed up into the sky for a 15 minute ride… Will and Mum were too scared to go up.

All in all an amazing stay – we wish we had longer, and literally 2 minutes after leaving to head home we were already planning our next trip up!


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