Social Networking for Dogs

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barkin buddy

barkin buddy This social networking app allows owners to build profiles; add buddies, make new friends to play with, locate dog friendly locations and ultimately better manage their pet’s relationships.  All you have to do is download BARKIN’ BUDDY from the App Store, head outside with your dog and start making friends.

BARKIN’ BUDDY is a dog-to-dog relationship management app, set to improve your pet’s social life. Once downloaded, simply create a pet profile, add a photo of your pooch and you’re on the way to creating your dog’s very own social network.  Let others know when and where you’re heading, share information on hot spots, locate buddies and use it to make new doggy friends. Dog App Details

The BARKIN’ BUDDY app is a fun and modern way to develop your pet’s relationships and is simple and easy to navigate.  In particular, the Map page displays various icons representing the location and status of your dog and those of other pooches nearby.  It can show how many dogs you are walking, which buddies of yours are out and about, those who are yet to become a buddy and those who are offline.  Barkin’ Buddy will enable dog owners everywhere to better manage their pet’s relationships just by ‘barking’ to their dog’s buddies to let them know where and when to catch up.

Visit the official website for step-by-step details on how to manage the app and updates from the world of BARKIN’ BUDDY.

BARKIN’ BUDDY is available now from the App store.