Study: Thousands of Parents Would Rather Travel Than Stay Home for the Holidays

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December 18, 2018
Christmas comes early for parents as the doors to our Junior Kids Club open!
December 19, 2018

Heading into the holiday season, Trafalgar, the leading global guided travel company, surveyed 2,500+ parents across the U.S. to discover just how stressful, costly and time-consuming the holidays are for them. The results illuminate a list of compelling reasons on why the overwhelming majority of American parents admit they would rather cancel Christmas this year… and travel instead:

  • Over half of parents (66%) say they would cancel Christmas this year to travel instead, with majority (78%) noting they would rather spend their money on a vacation instead of holiday gifts
  • According to the findings, parents’ stress doubles during the holidays and they can nearly eliminate that stress by traveling instead
  • Spending the holidays at home can actually be more expensive than a week-long family vacation in Europe for example, with 56% of parents planning to spend $5,000+ on the holidays this year
  • Parents spend 1-2 months prepping for the holidays, and 1 in 3 parents have had to take time off from work to prep for the holidays