Suite Life on Rhapsody (3)

Suite Life on Rhapsody (2)
November 28, 2010
Suite Life on Rhapsody (4)
November 30, 2010

By Deborah Dickson-Smith (29 Nov 2010)

We’re starting to get the hang of cruising and have even formed a little routine - or at least started to see the need for one.

For as far as you can see in every direction there is water, which varies in colour from dark grey to dark blue.

Luckily Rhapsody has oodles to do so we’re able to whittle away at the entertainment guide until we find something to suit us (or, rather, suit my kids). Mornings is breakfast at the Windjammer Café, followed by Uno and Scrabble in the Galaxy Room and a swim in the wave pool. It’s not actually a wave pool: there’s a bit of natural swell.

Lunch at Windjammer (there’s an argument about this which I inevitably lose) and then we head for the stern for some rock-climbing. Once we’ve worn blisters onto our fingers we head for the theatre to watch Toy Story 3 (the third time I’ve seen this, but it’s that good).

And this brings us neatly to dinner with our lovely waiter, Ivan, who’s so attentive he evens cuts up Mary’s meat for her. Bless him!

For more information on Rhapsody of the Seas, visit Ninemsn.

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