Books 2011

Family fun on Queensland’s holiday coasts
January 31, 2011
February 4, 2011

… for the kids

Magic Beach by Alison Lester

Let your kids explore a magical beach where they can surf and splash, build castles for Princesses, ride sea-dragons, discover dazzling treasure, catch monster sharks and watch pirates smuggle barrels of rum. This gorgeous Australian children’s classic is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to celebrate has been re-launched in hardcover with a bonus pull-out wall frieze. Allen & Unwin, rrp $19.99.

The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base

This is the enthralling tale of a young boy who decides to find the legendary Golden Snail and claim it as his own, setting sail for the Ends of the Earth on a journey through an enchanted world infused with vivid imagination. The illustrations are breathtaking and will keep both young and older readers spellbound to the very last page. Viking, rrp $29.95.

Mr Badger and the Big Surprise by Leigh Hobbs

Classic and hilarious, this is the first in a series of four books about the charming Mr Badger, Special Events Manager of London’s Boubles Grand Hotel. Perfect for beginner readers ages six to eight, these stories have a beautiful, touching quality and showcase London in the best traditional storybook way. Allen & Unwin, rrp $13.99.

… for the family

Kidwrangling by Kaz Cooke

Revised and expanded, this bestseller is a must have for parents. Delivered with commonsense and lots of fun Kidwrangling offers the latest expert advice on looking after young children and the expanded travel section is full of fantastic advice for mums and dads on the go. Penguin, rrp $45.00.

Eating Out With Kids – In Sydney by Julie Chatto

In this great guide to dining in Sydney, author Julie Chatto has done all the homework for parents in providing all the kid-friendly credentials of Sydney restaurants. Drawing on the findings of a team of independent reviewers, this is a must-have resource for mums and dads wanting a stress-free family meal out. Rockpool Publishing, rrp $19.99.

Play by Stuart Brown, MD and Christopher Vaughan

This groundbreaking book looks at the science of play and demonstrates how integral it is to our health. As important as sleep or nutrition this book shows us how play shapes our brains and imaginations and helps us to become resilient, smart, and adaptable people. Scribe,  rrp $27.95.