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Summer fun in Mammoth Lakes

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Mammoth Lakes, California, is a family playground all year round, and while most Australians go in winter to ski and snowboard on Mammoth Mountain, it is just as much fun in summer.

There really is a mammoth amount of choice when it comes to things to do and most of the big attractions are outdoors. If your family loves to fish, hike, kayak, ride a bike, sit in a natural hot spring or visit Yosemite National Park, you will be in heaven here, with the fresh air and the stunning Eastern Sierra mountain scenery just magic.

Helen Mammoth Summer Scenics02

One of the highlights of a summer visit to Mammoth Lakes is Bodie State Park, a National Historic Site. The kids might think that anything historic is boring, but watch their eyes light up when you tell them it’s a real, dead, ghost town!

Once a town of 10,000, it looks much like it did 100 years ago but with no people … except for tourists and the odd ghost. There is a museum and you can join a tour around the camp – if you dare.

Mammoth Lakes Ghost Town

Mammoth Lakes, California features in Out & About with Kids 50 Great Holidays.


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