Sunset Tour Will Thrill The Little Ones

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April 11, 2018
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April 12, 2018

If your kids love kangaroos, wombats and koalas – they will love this new tour.

Melbourne-based Echidna Tours offers tourists and locals the chance to see kangaroos and koalas when they are most active.

Wildlife Tour Guide Janine Duffy says Australian animals are crepuscular – active at dusk and dawn – so to enjoy and photograph them travellers should be too.

“In summer kangaroos slack around in the heat of the day, lying around under bushes, too hot to move,” Duffy says.

“By sunset, kangaroos are hungry and horny, so they spread out all over the grasslands to feed and breed.”

The Sunset Koalas and Kangaroos tour runs from 1 November to 28 February every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Locals are welcome as is anyone visiting the city over summer. Duffy recommends booking early as each tour will only have a maximum of 10 guests.

The small numbers really allow families to experience the animals in their natural enviroment.

“It’s not unusual to be walking amongst one hundred Eastern Grey Kangaroos at dusk, who are so focused on food and socialising that they barely notice you.”

“Koalas also mate in summer, usually at night.”

Late afternoon is the time when koalas prepare for the evening – males sing and fight, females flirt with their favourite male.

It’s also the time when the light is perfect for photography. So bring your camera for some amazing snaps.

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