Sydney’s Pop Up Wildflower Meadow

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January 25, 2017
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January 29, 2017
Sydney Botanic Garden meadow

A wildflower meadow has popped up in Sydney Botanic Gardens, with 2m tall sunflowers and a rainbow of pink, orange and purple zinnias, paper daisies and marigolds.

It’s a feast for the eyes and the first wildflower meadow in the Garden for nearly 30 years. Cleverly designed by the Garden’s horticultural team, visitors can wander through and interact with the colour, and it has also become a new haven for bees and butterflies.

Sydney Botanic Garden meadow“We have seen hundreds of people wandering through the interactive display, but it’s also humming with healthy insect life” said David Laughlin, Horticultural Supervisor at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

“We wanted to create a beautiful, unique feature that challenges peoples’ expectations about what a botanic garden can display, but that also gives back to the urban ecosystem it grows in.”

“A meadow of wildflowers is great because it provides a paradise for hungry insects in our city environment before it transforms itself into green or plant-based manure to enrich and fertilise the soil it sprouted from.”

Sydney Botanic Garden meadow“It’s a good example of what people can do at home if they want to add some colour and life to their own backyard or balcony.”

The wildflower meadow will be in bloom until early February 2017, so be quick. The Botanic Garden has lots of fun activities for kids, such as Dandy Lions where preschoolers can learn the basics of gardening or Chocolate Garden, held each Saturday, where kids can make their own edible garden in a cup. Visit the website for details.