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Sydney by kids

For the real story on family fun in Sydney Out & About With Kids talks to local kids for the inside scoop on where, how and what visitors should see and do in Sydney.

City slicker

Toby Hunter – 7

Toby loves weekends playing in the city with his family and friends.
Great Outdoors: Darling Quarter has a huge playground (in Darling Harbour) with water and slides and climbing frames. I like climbing and the really big slide but my little brother Joshy just likes splashing in the fountains because he is still little.
Great indoors: The Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour is my favourite, I like climbing on the submarine. Sydney Aquarium is also really amazing – the sharks are so cool.

Cockatoo Island

Getting about: We like catching the ferry on Sunday because they have special family deals that mum and dad say are great value. It’s cool to sit outside and watch the boats go by on the harbour.
Parklife: Sydney Park in St Peters, near Newtown, is the best. There are giant slides and bridges and I can ride my scooter around the track. We like to picnic by the lake and watch the ducks.
A taste of Sydney: We love Yum Cha at Chinatown. Spring rolls are my favourite and Joshy likes the dumplings but my mum and dad always eat weird stuff.
Toby’s top tip: Go camping at Cockatoo Island, there are giant cranes and old machines to explore and climb all over and camping is really fun.

Wild about Sydney

Xavier Cardozo – 6

Brothers Xavier and Jude, 4, love to go wild in Sydney.
Great Outdoors: Sailing on the harbour is lots of fun. We went on a pirate cruise which sailed under the Harbour Bridge (awesome!).
Great indoors: The Powerhouse Museum has loads of cool stuff like old cars, planes, trains and a space shuttle you can go inside. Last time we sent a letter to our grandparents in England using Morse Code. Wild Life (formerly Australian Wildlife World) at Darling Harbour is also cool – there’s a crocodile called Rex, poisonous snakes and giant rhinoceros beetles you can touch.

Xavier with mum

Getting about: We love catching the ferry, but mum and dad also make us walk lots! We also like taking the tram from Central Station to Chinatown and the Powerhouse Museum.
Parklife: We like looking for bats in the Royal Botanic Gardens near the Opera House – you can even hop on a little train to take you around.
A taste of Sydney: I love fish and chips, so the Fish Market is great and Ventuno pizzeria at Walsh Bay has the best pizza.
Xavier’s top tip: Go to the Sydney Observatory for a night telescope viewing. Even if it’s cloudy you can see the stars in the beanbag planetarium!

Sydney Explorer

Mikayla Simmonds – 5

Intrepid junior explorer Mikayla loves family adventures in the city.
Great Outdoors: Going to the islands in the harbour is the best fun. Some have old cranes like Cockatoo Island and some, like Shark Island are just grassy. One is called Fort Denison and it’s like a floating castle. I think bad guys live there though. I love going to Bondi Beach and playing in the sand. Daddy takes me in the water and I ride on his back like a seahorse.
Great indoors: The Australian Museum is my favourite because they have giant dinosaurs there which I’m not even scared of.

Dinosaurs at the Australian Museum

Getting about: I like to ride on the trains and ferries but my dad likes to drive the car. He’s boring!
Parklife: Blaxland Riverside Park at Newington Armory is the best. It is in Homebush and there are swings, slides, climbing walls, tunnels and a flying fox and climbing nets.
A taste of Sydney: I like to go to Sydney Fish Market with my daddy and eat fish and chips and calamari and chase the giant pelicans.
Mikayla’s top tip for visitors: Kids should go exploring there are lots of adventures you can go on in the city and they can be lots of fun.

Water world

Leia Paterson – 9

Beach baby Leia loves all things wet and wonderful in Sydney
Great Outdoors: There are lots of things to do on the harbour. There are heaps of islands to visit and different boats. I would like to go on a jet boat next. Ryde Swimming Pool is really good because there are slides and a wave pool.
Great indoors: Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is my favourite place to see lots of sea animals.

Leia at Fort Denison

Getting about: I like to catch a Sydney Ferry. It’s the best way to see the harbour sights and get out on the water.
Parklife: Blenheim Park in Lane Cove is excellent because there is a flying fox and lots of other play equipment for all ages.
A taste of Sydney: I really like to go to a cafe for breakfast on Saturday mornings with my parents.
Leia’s top tip: Spend a day on the harbour – the last place I visited was Fort Denison and I really liked exploring it.

Thrill seeker

Jeremy Gould – 10

Luna Park-lover Jeremy enjoys thrills and spills in Sydney.
Great Outdoors: Sydney Harbour is really beautiful and I love to explore it by water, especially by jet boat. My favourite place to spend the day is Luna Park at Milson Point where there are heaps of cool rides. I like the Moon Ranger which turns you upside down – it’s really scary. The Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk is awesome too – you can see the city through the glass floor under your feet which is way cool.
Great indoors: I really love ice skating at Macquarie Ice Rink in North Ryde.

Bicentennial Park

Getting about: I like to walk around because you can see so much more that way.
Parklife: There is so much to do at Bicentennial Park in Homebush. I like it because I can ride my bike there on the bike tracks.
A taste of Sydney: My favourite place to eat is in Darling Harbour because there are so many great places to choose from. My favourite is sushi which you can eat right next to the new playground which is pretty cool.
Jeremy’s top tip: I think everyone should visit Luna Park and then walk across the Harbour Bridge to the Rocks for the weekend markets.

Blue skies, big city

Savannah Hinch – 10

Savannah loves the big city buzz and blue skies of Sydney
Great Outdoors: I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb – it takes a long time, three and a half hours but it is really exciting and the view is amazing. I like all of Sydney’s beaches too, Balmoral is my favourite and Palm Beach is really nice too for a big day out.
Great indoors: The most fun is Strike Laser Skirmish at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park! It’s so good. And there are also movie theatres, bowling, markets and loads of really nice shops.

Savannah on the Bridge Climb

Getting about: I really like the monorail, it’s a great way to see the city and how beautiful it is and I’m sad that they are going to close it.
Parklife: My favourite park is Blenheim Park in Lane Cove because there is a big flying fox and I can take my dog. They have a fenced dog park. It is like the movie Hotel For Dogs, there are always so many different kinds of dogs there.
A taste of Sydney: I like eating at the Garlic Teppanyaki House in Neutral Bay.
Savannah’s top tip: I think every kid needs to spend the day at Balmoral Beach. You can swim, jump off the jetty, explore the rock pools and eat yummy fish and chips and ice cream.


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