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Tahiti: Top 10 family things to see and do

1) Great as an introduction to Tahiti’s sea life or for littlies who are water-shy, Papeete’s Lagoonarium – an outdoor aquarium – features over 1000 species of marine life in an underwater viewing room.

2) On the island of Mahina is Point Venus where Captain Cook observed the transit of Venus in 1769. Surrounded with black-sand beaches, this peninsula is also the historic landing site of (in)famous Captain Bligh.

3) Swim with the dolphins, the kids will delight in jumping in the water and playing with them in their natural habitat on this popular family tour.

4) Over 300 metres of water cascades over volcanic cliffs into a pool below, making Fautaua Waterfall one of the tallest in the world.

Snorkel and swim in the warm,bright emerald clear lagoons viewing the colourful marine life

5) The Paul Gauguin Museum houses exhibits dedicated to Gauguin’s life here. Open daily from 9 to 5pm.

6) In Mataiea is the Vaipehi Gardens where tree ferns and orchids flourish in the lush surrounds which feature a natural spring and waterfall where in Ancient times, Tahitian nobles came to be spiritually purified.

7) Papeete’s downtown market offers local handicrafts, sarongs, souvenirs and food including tropical fruits, French pastries and Traditional Tahitian delicacies.

8 ) Snorkel and swim in the warm,bright emerald clear lagoons viewing the colourful marine life.

9) The Tiare Festival is a floral decoration contest held in December featuring exhibits of the Tahiti national flower tiare in Papeete.

10) Tattoonesia, held in November, is when Polynesian and foreign tattoo artists gather to share their designs and history of this ancestral art form.

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