Take care of your furry friends this summer

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With record temperatures verified in November and soaring predictions for December, Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) has issued a warning for families to take care of their furry family members this summer.

New call out incident data released from AGA has shown that 136 animals were left in locked cars in 2013 and over 96 have been left to date in 2014.

Simon Wilson from Allianz Global Assistance has advice for families travelling with pets this summer, “We are urging families to plan ahead when travelling with animals. November saw temperatures across Australia hit a record high and a couple of weeks ago NASA released data showing it was the warmest October on earth since 1880.

Family and dog“With temperatures soaring across the nation we want to remind people about the consequence of leaving travelling companions in a car in hot temperatures. Understandably, people may not realise that internal temperatures can jump by 30 degrees within the hour in a car, so leaving animals unattended for just a few minutes can have devastating consequences. Our advice is to always plan ahead.

“Check where you’re visiting and ensure pets are welcome. If not, leave them with family, friends or a professional minder to ensure they stay happy and healthy.”

Allianz Global Assistance has three top tips to ensure you’re keeping your dogs happy and healthy this summer:

  1. Plan ahead: Give your dogs – and yourself – a break. Travelling with a dog is like travelling with a child. Even if you can push yourself to drive for hours on end, dogs have different needs. Stop regularly.
  2. Keep them hydrated: Dogs do not tolerate the heat well because they cannot sweat. Ensure they have regular access to water, regardless of how long the trip is, to help them stay cool.
  3. Look for the signs: Look for signs that your animal is in distress; excess panting or drooling, increased heart rate, disorientation or trouble breathing.

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