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Visit the Amazing Tamworth Regional Playground!

The Tamworth Regional Playground in Bicentennial Park has finally opened its gates, and visitors of all ages are rejoicing at the state-of-the-art facility’s impressive array of features

Tamworth Rregional Playground 5
Tamworth Rregional Playground

It’s smiles and laughter all round, and now the new multi-million dollar Tamworth Regional Playground in Bicentennial Park is open! The state-of-the-art facility caters for all ages and all abilities and has an amazing range of equipment.

The playground includes a bike track, junior and senior fitness circuits, embankment slides, dual flying fox, sandpit, rhythm wall, Touchwood Totems, spinner, and climbing equipment. And the star attraction is the Skywalk – a 9.1m high structure with three giant slides and four towers … it’s the biggest in the southern hemisphere!

Tamworth Regional Playground sign

It has a rope-like “Octa Net” climbing structure and extends up to 9.1 metres high and its slides measure 13 metres long.

For children with access challenges, there is the wheelchair-accessible carousel and mammoth swing.

A stream meanders down the embankment and features five waterfalls and a 3-metre sway bridge.

This is the only playground in the Tamworth region with an on-site cafe/restaurant, making it the perfect place to relax and refresh while the kids have a ball!

The kids skywalk at Tamworth Regional Playground
The kids skywalk at Tamworth Regional Playground

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