The bandicoots need your help

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February 14, 2011
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February 15, 2011

15 February, 2011

The long-nosed bandicoots at North Head, Manly, are in danger of extinction and need your family’s help.

Conservation group Earthwatch Australia is calling on local residents and good samaritans to lend a helping hand by taking part in a series of one-day research teams. This is a perfect opportunity to get your kids up close to nature as a ‘scientist for a day.’

Led by Wildlife Ecologist Nelika Hughes, teams send lures to attract and then record bandicoot predators on hidden cameras throughout North Head Sanctuary. GPS is also used to locate and collect camera data, as well as record habitats and analyse footage.

This research is intended to deepen our understanding of how feral predators affect threatened native animals in and near urban environments. Findings will help conservation efforts develop strategies to ensure the long-term survival of these furry critters – so not only are you having fun, you’re helping maintain Australia’s diversity!

Joining a ‘Bandicoot on the Brink’ team costs just $49 a person, which covers the costs of the day and contributes to further research.

Dates for 2011

– Saturday, 2 April
– Saturday, 7 May
– Friday, 15 April – Sunday, 17 April (family weekend; kids aged 10 and over)
– Thursday, 12 May
– Saturday 21 May
– Thursday, 26 May
– Thursday, 2 June

To register, call 03 9682 6828, or visit Earthwatch.