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The 5 Best Beaches for Incredible Family Holidays

Escape to paradise with your family and create cherished memories at the best beaches around the world. These family-friendly destinations offer the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement for an incredible beach holiday!

Mother and daughter by the beach
Mother and daughter by the beach. Photo credit: Pixabey

You will find numerous family-friendly beaches in almost every continent worldwide, where the kids can splash and paddle around as you relax on the powdery white sands and work on your tan. If you have little kids, you must choose a beach with shallow waters and gentle waves to guarantee their safety. It’s also a good idea to visit a place home to resorts that cater to families, away from the blasting sounds of bars and clubs. If you need ideas, here are some of the best beaches for incredible family vacations.

1. Cefalù, Sicily

Aerial view of Cefalù, Sicily
Aerial view of Cefalù, Sicily

The charming small town of Cefalu is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages and lies on the northern coast of Sicily. Even during the peak summer months, Cefalu remains a quiet place to visit, ideal for those looking to enjoy peace and tranquillity on their family getaway. Cefalu’s long and sandy beach offers the perfect setting for fun family days out. 

Cefalu has all the facilities you expect for a relaxing beach holiday with the family. Although the beach can get busy, especially with local families, it is still much quieter than the other beaches of Sicily. You and your kids will love the safe and lively atmosphere of Cefalu Beach, where you can lounge on the golden sands while your kids play around. It’s an ideal spot for swimming or soaking up the relaxing atmosphere.

Away from the beach, you’ll find plenty of family-friendly attractions in Cefalu. Visit the quaint Piazza Garibaldi, home to some of Sicily’s best bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to relax during your daytime stroll in the town.

2. Mullins Beach, Barbados

Mullins Beach, Barbados
Mullins Beach, Barbados . Photo credit: royal.westmoreland on

Barbados’ sparkling blue waters make it a favourite island to visit for a relaxing beach getaway in the Caribbean. But what families will love the most is Mullins Bay, which has calm and shallow waters, ideal for kids to swim and enjoy water sports. Lying on the west coast of Barbados in the parish of St. Peter, Mullins Beach is the perfect spot for a safe and enjoyable beach holiday with your little ones.

Mullins Beach is famous for its crystal clear, turquoise waters. The waters here are calmer, so you won’t have to worry about your kids spending more time in the water. In fact, Mullins is an ideal place for enjoying water sports in Barbados, such as jet skiing. Since the waters in Mullins Beach are calm, it’s also a perfect spot for snorkelling. It’s home to abundant sea life, offering an exciting diving experience.

Mullins Beach offers endless fun things to do, and that’s another reason to visit this beach with the family. You can book a catamaran cruise to explore the coast of Barbados or soak in some sun and enjoy relaxation. Catamarans are spacious boats, perfect for families with kids. It will take you around the west coast of Barbados, starting from Mullins Beach. Many of these cruises include music and other forms of entertainment with lots of refreshing drinks and snacks.

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3. Tabyana Beach, Roatan

Sunset at Tabyana Beaech, Roatan
Sunset at Tabyana Beaech, Roatan. Photo credit: SF Brit on

Families looking for a unique destination for their beach holiday should head to Roatan, a picturesque Caribbean Island along the northern coast of Honduras. You will find excellent resort holidays in Roatan, with many of these near the island’s beautiful beaches, including Tabyana Beach, boasting beautiful white sand, perfect for spending quality time with your little ones.

Tabayana Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Roatan and a wonderful place to enjoy water sports, including snorkelling and scuba diving. In case you didn’t know, Honduras is a top diving destination, especially for divers who love whale sharks. The island’s marine life is mostly about dolphins, moray eels, and whale sharks. Tabayana Beach is an ideal place to go for beginners and experienced divers.

If you’re not into diving, you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the sea while on Tabayana Beach. If you have older kids, they can rent banana boats and kayaks to explore the coast. The beach has all the amenities you need for a relaxing beach day. You will find private sun loungers, restroom facilities, restaurants, and more.

4. Elia Beach, Mykonos

Elia Beach, Mykonos Island
Elia Beach, Mykonos Island. Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Mykonos may not be a popular island for families since it’s more famous for its loud parties. However, the island is home to many beautiful beaches, including the quiet ones that can be perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, there are several beautiful beachfront villas in Mykonos, ideal for families seeking a relaxing break by the coast. 

One of the most family-friendly beaches in Mykonos is Elia Beach, a big sandy beach about 12 km from the capital. It’s the longest sandy beach on the island, with amenities like sun loungers and a wide choice of bars and taverns. If your kids want to have fun, they will find water sports rental facilities on the beach, such as parasailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing. 

Elia Beach is also perfect for families who want to relax. The view here is simply breathtaking. You can go for a scenic walk to the left up the hill, where you’ll find picturesque villages home to whitewashed Cycladic houses.

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5. Pig Beach, the Bahamas

Pig swimming at Pig Beach, Bahamas
Pig swimming at Pig Beach, Bahamas. Photo credit: Pixabey

Your kids will surely enjoy swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas. Located on the Big Major Cay, Pig Beach is home to pigs native to the island, and you’ll have the opportunity to swim with them on your visit to the island. There are many stories and legends behind the existence of these pigs. Some say they were from sailors who left the pigs on the beach, while others say they came from a shipwreck nearby. Wherever these pigs came from, swimming with these cute creatures is an experience you and your kids will love.

The fastest way to reach Pig Beach is by taking a plane from Nassau. The flight should take less than 30 minutes, but you’ll take a boat trip from Staniel Cay for 10 minutes to get to the beach. There are about 20 to 25 pigs on the beach, from piglets to the oldest pigs. They are 100% habituated and are used to the presence of visitors.


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