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July 26, 2018
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July 29, 2018

The adventure-loving Roberts family like keeping busy. They have plenty of ideas to jam-pack your itinerary, so jump head-long into Geelong for an awesome weekend away.

Meet the Roberts family from Geelong


So, what should we add to our must-see list in Geelong?

A must see in Geelong is the Bollard Trail walk along the Geelong waterfront. There are over 100 bollards on the trail that were painted by local artist Jan Mitchell and carved from reclaimed pier pylons. The paintings show some of Geelong’s local characters.

The Geelong Heritage Centre and Library is a fantastic new feature of Geelong’s city centre. It is located next to Johnstone Park and the Raingarden and is a great place to relax and unwind with the kids.

Adventure Park provides excitement and an action packed day of fun with various rides and water activities. You can cook our own feast in the BBQ area or eat at the many food outlets.

The Roberts kids explore Geelong on a family day out with Families of Australia

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Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park is a tranquil oasis right next to the city centre. The lush grass lawns are an ideal place for a picnic and the gardens are great for exploring.

Barwon Grange and river walk provides a glimpse into the era when Geelong was the centre of Victoria’s bustling wool industry. The heritage homestead offers an insight into how wealthy pastoralists lived and the gardens over looking Barwon River provide a perfect picnic spot. A walk along the river that cuts through Geelong is a pleasant activity for after lunch.

Lifeguards along the Bollard Trail

Lifeguards along the Bollard Trail © Shutterstock/jax10289

What does an average weekend in Geelong look like for you?

Most weekends we go for a drive, have a picnic and go bush walking or to the beach. We also like to go to Thirteenth Beach and take our dog Scout for a run and swim. When the tide is out, the rock pools are loads of fun. We really don’t have to travel far to find something interesting to see or do.

How about a weekend away?

We take an annual holiday to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We always plan it for mid-year as a chance to escape the Geelong winter for a week or two. Around Geelong, the Great Ocean Road is a must-see weekend adventure. There are various camp sites and other accommodation and activity options.

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