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The Royal Australian Mint – a national gem

Titan the Robot (tipping)

When you visit the Mint in Canberra you will see where all the Australian coins in your pockets are made.

From the factory viewing gallery you can look out onto the coin production area, and catch the Mint’s family of robots as they help out with the heavy lifting.

Titan the robot lifts up to 1000 kg as he hoists drums of coin ‘blanks’ (the coin before it is ‘pressed’) to start the coin making process, and then finished coins to be packed, for delivery to your local bank across Australia. Penny the Automatic Guided Vehicle brings the drums to Titan, and Robbie packs all the coins!

coins imageThe National Coin Collection is housed at the Mint and on display in the gallery. Items from the collection include the rare and valuable ‘holey dollar’, a 1930s penny and lots of coins from Australia’s history.

When you arrive you can travel ‘behind the scenes’ in the theatrette to delve into the fascinating process of coin-making. You can wonder at the colourful hanging sculpture, Floating Currency, and help make a ‘mini mint’ at Making a Mint, to help the Mint prepare for its 50th birthday in 2015.

Stop at the café for a range of family-friendly snacks and light lunches. The café’s selection caters for gluten-free and other healthy choices.

Before you leave, you must mint your own collectable coin at the Mint Coin Shop. The shop is also great for gifts, collectibles and mementos made right here at the Mint.



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