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Winter Sports Taxi Service

Winter Sports Taxi ServiceThere’s no better reminder that you have a large, busy family than the onset of winter. And winter team sports.

Mother of three and avid traveller Deborah Dickson-Smith, blogs about last weekend…

If you have two or more children then you’ll appreciate that each new addition to your family adds an exponential degree of added chaos, added expense and additional mileage requirements.

This fact was never more evident to me than on Thursday this week, as I ferried our five combined offspring to their various extra-curricular activities. Even when you limit activities to two-per-child, when you multiply that by five it becomes… well fun and games.

We have a combination of flute lessons, saxophone lessons, trombone lessons, band practice, netball, football, basketball (netball training, football training, basketball training…), tae kwon do, swimming lessons, cubs and scouts (never on the same night of course – that would be too easy).

For some reason in our house everything converges on Thursday. Well at least it all converged on Thursday this week, which went kind of like this:

  1. Pick up from school, take to netball training
  2. Pick up from different school, take to tae kwon do
  3. Double back, pick up from yet another different school, take to football training
  4. Next pick-up from band practice, take home.
  5. Pick up eldest daughter from work, take home.
  6. Back to netball training.
  7. Back to tae kwon do.
  8. Pick up from football, feed in a hurry, take to scouts.
  9. Home for dinner.
  10. Back to scouts (where, for added fun I manage to get a flat tyre).
  11. Home. Glass of wine.

Of course not all of these activities are winter activities. Winter just adds to it.

Winter also means no-sleeping-in-on-Saturdays as we attempt to get children to various games in various locations at various times – all of which seem to overlap.

I imagine the flat tyre was a message from the car saying; “ENOUGH!”

Deborah’s first trip with a bub of 4 months involved a 26-hour flight with no sleep, which is exactly when she realised travelling would never be the same. This has only been further confirmed as her family has grown. She’s lived in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Edinburgh, London and is now reasonably settled in Sydney’s northern beaches with her three children — who are now all seasoned travellers.