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The World of Norfolk – The Best Kept Secret & Family Destination

Eating icecream on Norfolk Island

Where else in the world can you visit with the family to experience the ultimate calm, the balm of brilliant sunshine trapped in a sub-tropical atmosphere with a distinct charm and nothing but wide ocean spaces?

Norfolk Island of course!

Over the years, Norfolk Island has proven to be that one vacation spot that your doctor would recommend you to visit. It is the place that can soothe your mind, body and soul.

Norfolk Island is home to close to 1,700 people but there is more than enough room in our world to accommodate the many tourists that visit on a regular basis. The island has been self-governed for years, and the locals run their own schools, health insurance, hospitals … and even grow their own food.

Norfolk Island

Steeped in a rich history, Norfolk Island is the home to descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty who arrived on the island back in 1856. If you happen to stumble upon one of these descendants you would discover that they hold a treasure trove of stories, and can keep your attention for hours.

More than that, Norfolk Island is indeed a picturesque island with green lush landscapes, that blend with the rolling hills and the immaculate and beguiling beachscape will win you over in mere minutes.

Norfolk Family DancersWhen you visit Norfolk Island, you will find an atmosphere that is unhurried; you can take your time and soak up all that the island has to offer whether it is touring the country on land or by sea. The language here is what they call Norf’k; an interesting mix of English meets Tahitian. Of course we all speak good English too.

The moment that you have arrived, you can stay at one of the many accommodation choices on the island. There are self-catering apartments to 5-star cottages, which will give you that ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Wherever you decide to stay, you are always expected to have a spectacular view and amenities to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Once settled in, indulge in a myriad of outdoor activities that run the gamut of sporting, to nature trails, entertainment and sightseeing offering something for everyone.

For the beach lovers, swim to your hearts content in the cool and refreshing waters … or if you are adventurous enough, you can explore the underwater life when you go snorkelling or scuba diving.

Norfolk Family FishingWorried about going underwater? You can still enjoy the best of both worlds – by sitting in a glass bottom boat, where you view the fish in their natural habitat and get a chance to feed them too. Mum and the kids can watch dad ‘mingling with the fish’.

For the sporting enthusiasts, try a game of golf on one of the lush green 18-hole professional courses that are here or learn a game of tennis at Cheryl’s Tennis club. Later on in the day take a visit to one of the National Parks, or see the island from atop a horse as you go horse riding.

There are many nature trails and hiking opportunities for those who dare to get involved in it. You can choose to go mountain biking or spend a serene afternoon fishing at sea.

Get to know the history of Norfolk Island at the Bounty Folk Museum or you may visit the Pitcairn Settlers Village. We are proud of our history, language and World Heritage sites.

Probably one of the most fascinating attractions in Norfolk island is the panoramic paintings at Cyclorama. Spanning over 3600 paintings in all, the unique 360 degree display not only features art from as far back as the 1800s, but the paintings are lifelike and give you the chance to immerse yourself in the story of Bounty. The angle in which the paintings are displayed gives one a 3D effect – and the music and sound effects help to further enhance this unique experience.

On Norfolk IslandFor those travelling with children, they would definitely love the atmosphere at the Lions Park playground. More beauty of the island can be seen at Nature World that showcases a variety of the flora and fauna that is here. And when the day is spent you either have the choice of spending a quiet picnic on the cliff tops, with the rest of the island as your backdrop, or by checking out the local markets for some shopping before retiring in a lovely carriage ride.

Discover our flora and fauna at Nature World. Visit the Bounty Folk Museum, or learn about the convicts in the Kingston museums, in buildings that are World Heritage listed. Don’t miss the local sweet shop, and you can buy the cheapest Lego on the planet in Burnt Pine. There is squash to play, a house made entirely of bottles to visit and lots of arts and craft places to see. During school holidays there is a local Kids Club that you are welcome to be part of.

Norfolk Island is yours for the taking. Indulge.

For more information visit the World of Norfolk Island website


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