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This playground will get your heart rate jumping!

BIG4 BeachlandsGuests at BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park in Bussleton in Western Australia will have a ball with the new NEOS 360 electronic play system – a great way to keep both kids and adults active.

The NEOS is 360 degrees of head-spinning, body-twisting, heart-pounding competitive fun, combining the speed and fun of electronic games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise to create an exciting playground attraction for all ages.

The play system is the first of its kind in a West Australian holiday park and has added to the growing list of family-friendly activities at the park, which include the water splash and play zone and giant jumping pillow.

The NEOS 360 is a physically challenging and exciting activity that delivers a workout similar to jogging or playing soccer and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or ability. The circular design builds peripheral vision, auditory and spatial awareness skills, agility, coordination, strength and stamina.

Lights provide visual cues for hearing-impaired players and visually impaired players hear “beeps” and sounds that guide them as they play. The spacing within the play area also allows for mobility-impaired players to enjoy the fun too.

The park was recently awarded a Trip Advisor 2014 Travellers’ Choice Award, recognising BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park as one of the top 25 hotels for families in Australia.



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