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Europe with Kids: 5 of the Best Camping-Inspired Trips

Embark on a family adventure like no other with our top 5 kid-friendly camping-inspired trips to Europe. Get ready for outdoor exploration, cultural immersion, and endless fun in the heart of Europe’s breathtaking landscapes

Family camping in the forest
Family camping in the forest

Going on a camping trip with the kids is one of life’s guaranteed adventures. And if you’re planning to go camping in Europe, you will be in for a real treat. Camping is a fascinating way to explore Europe’s breathtaking landscapes and discover the local culture. So, if you’re eager to take your little ones outdoors and enjoy fun adventures, here are the top five kid-friendly camping-inspired trips to Europe.

1. Wild Camping in Sweden

Camping in Sweden
Camping in Sweden

Sweden is one of Europe’s top destinations for camping for good reasons. You can camp anywhere, even on privately owned land, thanks to the “Freedom to Roam” law, allowing everyone access to nature. Of course, you have to be a responsible camper. Teach your kids to respect wildlife and plants. They can pick any beautiful flower they come across during the hike, but removing bark from trees for a campfire is prohibited.

As per the “Freedom to Roam” law, also called “Allemansrätten,” you can camp even on private land. However, you cannot camp near houses, gardens, or surrounding buildings. You must also be aware of the bans on campfires. Campfires are generally allowed. However, some places in Sweden have banned it to protect nature and wildlife. Also, there are instances during the summer when building any fire is prohibited due to the risk of forest fires.

You can spend a few nights camping in the same place before moving to another location. You can stay longer deep into the forest without issues. In addition, some nature reserves and national parks in Sweden have imposed specific rules on camping. Familiarise these before taking your family on a wild camping adventure in Sweden.

2. Glamping in Scotland

Scotland is a fantastic destination for all types of camping, from wild camping to glamping. Glamping is a more glamorous way of camping in the wild. Instead of pitching a tent, you’ll already have a tent set up for you, complete with all the luxuries you would find in a hotel room. Some incredible glamping holidays in the UK can organise the trip for you. These are perfect for families looking to enjoy a break outdoors while enjoying some luxuries.

Glamping does not necessarily mean sleeping in a tent. In some glamping sites in Scotland, you can sleep in a cabin, treehouse, dome tents, eco pods, and yurt. Many of these have enough space to accommodate families and kids. Furthermore, some of the best glamping sites offer child-friendly activities for an even more enjoyable family holiday. They can organise hiking trips, horseback riding adventures, and other outdoor activities your kids will love.

Scotland makes for a perfect destination for glamping for many reasons. Aside from offering breathtaking nature views, the unpredictable climate requires having a solid structure to sleep outdoors, especially if you have little kids. Staying in a glamping accommodation gives your kids a cosy and comfortable base to explore the stunning beauty of Scotland’s great outdoors.

Glamping in Scotland
Glamping in Scotland

3. Road Trip around France

Camping under the stars, a magical family experience in France
Camping under the stars, a magical family experience in France

France is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, offering plenty of attractions and activities geared towards families. A unique way of discovering the country is a road trip in a campervan. Road-tripping around France in a campervan is a more convenient and enjoyable way to explore the country’s beautiful places with the kids.

Campervanning is ideal for families with kids for many reasons. It’s a convenient way to explore from one French region to another and park almost anywhere. These vehicles come with an onboard kitchen, bathroom, and comfy beds. Therefore, your kids will feel comfortable and safe the entire time. There will be no tantrums or bad days, and everyone will be happy.

One of the best things about road-tripping in France on a campervan is the opportunity to visit even the most remote villages and discover the local way of life. You can explore working farms, scenic vineyards, lavender fields, and many other beautiful places in France. Best of all, you can stay for as long as you please!

4. Summer Camps in Switzerland

Girl resting in mountains, Switzerland
Girl resting in mountains, Switzerland

You will find some incredible summer camps across Europe, perfect for kids who want to explore new places and learn about new cultures and traditions. Switzerland is the best choice for a summer camp in Europe. It’s an excellent option for your kids to explore somewhere new, meet new friends, and learn new skills.

Summer camps are specially designed programs for kids of all ages. It’s a fantastic venue for kids to come together in Switzerland to have fun while learning some skills. During summer camp, children will have a chance to be around new people in a new environment and learn new skills. It’s the best way to get your kids away from their gadgets and get active.

There’s no set age when your kids will be ready for a Europe summer camp. It will depend on your kids and the summer camp you will send them to. Overnight camps in Switzerland may require kids to be older, such as at least ten years. But any school-age kids can attend day camps.

5. Stargazing in Italy

Glamping under the stars in italy
Glamping under the stars in italy. Photo credit: Shawn Harquail on VisualHunt

One of the most fantastic options for glamping is sleeping in glamping domes, where you can stargaze from your bed and marvel at the stunning views of nature. You can find some excellent glamping domes across Italy and Europe, offering the perfect place to experience an exciting stargazing getaway with the family.

Glamping domes in Italy offer a safe and weatherproof shelter in any weather condition. Thanks to their sturdy build and design, you can sleep in these transparent geometries all year round and in any environment. In Italy, you’ll find domes in the middle of vineyards while others perched up on a cliff surrounded by breathtaking ocean views. 

While many glamping domes sleep two people, ideal for couples on a romantic getaway in Italy, some are spacious enough for the whole family. They have multiple sleeping areas, a kitchen, and a living room, offering a comfortable place to bond with the family.


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