Top Travel Tips for Tots – Food to Go

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Top Travel Tips for Tots

Top Travel Tips for TotsShow junk food the exit on your next family holiday – Geraldine Cardozo shares her Food to Go tips in this essential guide to keeping bubs and toddlers healthily fed when travelling.

1. Plan Ahead

A hungry child makes for an unhappy child (and parents)! If you’re planning on a journey with little ones, making sure you have enough portable and healthy snacks on hand will make everyone’s trip more enjoyable.

2. Pack the Right Food & Drinks

Make sure you keep food and drinks up front with you or in reaching distance and store food in an Esky or cooler bag with an ice pack. Avoid taking smelly food or anything too rich – this can make car sickness worse. Most importantly – take lots of water to keep kids hydrated and give them their own leak-proof bottles.

3. Food For Babies

Baby food pouches are great for travelling. You can pack loads in a lunchbox without worrying about breakages. If your little one is old enough they can slurp straight from the pouch and you can even warm them gently in a flask of hot water. Invest in a Groovy Gripper, which attaches to your child’s wrist and grips onto rusks and fruit sticks is a great way to ensure they don’t lose their food. Sucker teats fit most brands of bottled water and come in a carry container that you can easily stow in your bag or glove-box. The Lindam Car Bottle Warmer plugs into your car cigarette lighter and heats bottles or jars of baby food in 20 minutes.

You can guarantee that the familiar cry of “I’m hungry!” will commence early into the journey. (The record for our family is 10 seconds, as we rounded the corner from home at the start of a six-hour drive up the NSW coast).

4. Food for Toddlers

Toddlers like finger food but they also love getting messy! Choose snack options which are nutritional while also minimising spills. Anything in pouches is great and they can open them themselves. Freeze first and pop in a lunchbox to keep cool on the trip.

Little kids love the novelty of having their very own bag of food so individual bags of snacks make the journey more exciting. Try rice crackers, sultanas, cheese sticks, muesli bars, frozen grapes and strawberries for minimal mess.

5. A Treat Can Be A Winner!

Ok, so lollies may not be on the menu at home, as a rule, but holiday time is different and a bag of treats in the car can be used as prizes for car games that keep the kids amused and distracted! Just don’t go overboard if you want to arrive with happy, healthy kids!

6. Pack These Handy Extras

Don’t forget to have plenty of essentials on hand – wipes, towels, spare plastic bags for rubbish and wet clothes, antibacterial gel and travel highchair for a stress-free, family friendly holiday!