Tori’s Capetown Photo Diary

South Africa Tori and friends Gansbaii
Tori’s South African Photo Diary People and Places
May 8, 2012
South Africa Tori ready to explore the wildlife
Tori’s South African Wildlife Photo Diary
May 8, 2012
South Africa Capetown Getting Around

South Africa Capetown Getting Around

Tori Herbert shares her fabulous South African photo diary from Capetown with Out & About with Kids.

“It’s our last day and we arrive in Capetown to find it buzzing. We brave the not-so-welcoming weather on the roof of an open-bus tour around the city, but as the rain increases we head inside to take cover.

We pass streets that hold decades of good and bad history and head into a city bursting with quirky stores and vintage boutiques. I love the individuality and originality of it.”

South Africa Capetown streetscape with mountains

South Africa Capetown Up Close and Personal with marine life

South Africa Capetown Dining In

South Africa Capetown and a little shopping