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Visit Victoria for Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade

Experience the magical spectacle of seeing Little Penguins waddle home from the ocean each evening to their burrows. Phillip Island is home to one of the largest Little Penguin colonies in the world which can be readily viewed from oceanfront viewing platforms.

philip island penguin parade
Little girl admiring Phillip Island's little penguins

Enjoy the world-famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade with your kids

Visit Phillip Island to see its world famous Little Penguins which come ashore each evening in a nightly Penguin Parade. This terrific family-friendly activity will delight both adults and kids with the opportunity to watch the world’s smallest penguins emerge from the ocean. Each evening around sunset, thousands of Little Penguins waddle across the beach to their burrows after a day’s fishing, in one of nature’s most endearing parades. 

philip island penguin parade1
Phillip Island’s penguins

Get the best view of the world’s smallest and funniest penguin at Phillip Island, Victoria

From the viewing platforms at dusk, with families rugged up against the cool evening ocean breezes, the excitement pre-penguin arrival is palpable. Admired by all who see them, these comically adorable penguins run, trot, waddle and preen while heading to their nests. Their bellies are full of enough fish to sustain them until they return to the sea. 

Some are so rotund from gorging that they can barely make a few steps up the beach before stopping for a rest. Thousands make their way from the sea each evening, thrilling those waiting ashore for their arrival. Family groups with pyjama-clad kids, locals and visitors all react with awe and, initially, in hushed admiration. Then, as the Penguin Parade continues into the evening, viewers settle in to enjoy the spectacle.

philip island penguin parade2
Penguin Parade at dusk at Phillip Island, Victoria

Choose your viewing experience

As the star attraction, the Penguin Parade offers a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages – whether your family wants a self-guided experience or would prefer to be guided by knowledgeable rangers.

Book ahead to secure your Penguin Parade tickets, where you will be allocated an arrival time to ensure that physical distancing is maintained, keeping everyone safe.

View the Little Penguin Burrow webcam to see real-time action from a penguin burrow!

philip island penguin parade3
Mother with her two little girls learning fun facts about the fauna and flora of Phillip Island, Victoria

Tickets and bookings

General Viewing

Enjoy tiered seating in our general viewing grandstands overlooking the picturesque Summerlands Beach and offers tiered seating with restricted capacity being closely managed to allow everyone plenty of space.

Book General Viewing tickets

Penguins Plus

Get up close and personal with the little penguins with the extra special Penguins Plus grandstand.

The Penguins Plus viewing platform is a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and RACV. It offers visitors up-close viewing of the little penguins as they waddle along the most popular pathway at the Penguin Parade.

Book Penguins Plus tickets

Save with a 4 Parks Pass

Visit all four attractions:  Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Reserve,  Antarctic Journey and Churchill Island Heritage Farm, for a discounted ticket price.

Purchase your 4 Park Combo Pass here!

When to arrive

Penguins arrive around sunset every evening. We suggest you arrive approximately one hour before penguin arrival time. Access doors to the viewing areas will open approximately one hour prior to the estimated penguin arrival time.

Getting there

By car

Phillip Island is located 90 minutes’ drive from Melbourne. Allow 20 minutes from the bridge to get to the Penguin Parade. Free car parking on site.

By bus

Public transport is limited on Phillip Island. V-line operates a bus to Phillip Island’s main town, Cowes, from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne city.

Please note that the V-line bus does not go to the Penguin Parade, and there are no return buses to Melbourne at the conclusion of the Penguin Parade. 

By taxi

Contact Phillip Island Taxis on 03 5952 2200 to arrange transfers on Phillip Island.

Tours and Transport

Contact a Visitor Information Centre in Melbourne or on Phillip Island for tours and transport options.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade is committed to offering an accessible experience throughout the Penguin Parade and has a range of facilities for people of all abilities. 


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