Free fun for families at Vivid 2015!

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April 30, 2015
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May 5, 2015


Hero Vivd kids 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015 – the amazing festival of lights, music and ideas – is on until 8 June, so start planning your trip now. Vivid is an amazing experience for the whole family, young and old!

Here are just five fabulous interactive light installations and projections perfect for family fun:

  • Monster World – Located in The Rocks, here’s your chance for your little monsters to meet their alter egos.  As people approach the installation, digital ‘monsters’ curiously follow their movements, occasionally mimicking their gestures in surprising and delightful ways
  • Swing Glow – First Fleet Park will host the ultimate playground adventure – Swing Glow. Illuminated, interactive swing sets will colour the air as children and adults swing into the night.  Remember to let the kids have a turn
  • BeatDice – Pick up the illuminated sensor cubes, or ‘BeatDice’, to make some music and light the space.  There’s a diverse spread of musical sounds and rhythms ranging from the viola to break beats
  • INTER/play – Step into a multiplayer world as the historic Cadmans Cottage turns into a magical canvas.  As people move in front of the Cottage their movements are mapped and projected onto the building walls in a dazzling display of light and movement
  • a game of drones – Ever wanted your own drone? Here’s your chance.  Take control of a playful swarm of colourful drones in a skyward bumper race using Intel-powered tablets, illuminating a massive, specially designed enclosure at Martin Place
  • Mission Control – at Pyrmont & The Star where youngsters and adults will be able to control a light show that will bring The Star rooftop and the Vivid Lounge at Sky Terrace alive.

Vivid Sydney Harbour Bridge

This year Vivid is lighting up the icons like the Opera House and the bridge, but also extends beyond the city centre into local precincts, including Martin Place and Darling Harbour, and further afield to Chatswood, with an Asian-themed aquatic wonderland at Chatswood Interchange.

Vivid kids 2015

Head to and plan your adventure to see Sydney come alive in a festival of light and sound.