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The Amazing Vlad & Niki toys have landed in Australia

Vlad and Niki toys have landed in Australia
Vlad & Niki toys - Unboxing experience

The fabulous adventures of internet sensations Vlad & Niki landed in the toy aisle this May as ZURU™ launches a complete unboxing experience with Vlad & Niki Superhero Surprise. Among one of the largest YouTube channels in the world, Vlad & Niki is ranked the #1 Boys Show and #2 Family Show.

These global superstar brothers, 8-year-old Vlad & 5 Niki, have made quite the splash on YouTube. Launching their presence in 2018 they currently have more than 173 million subscribers worldwide. Creating & posting videos across 16 channels (translated into 18languages!) that explore preschool-focused learning themes that include discovery play, creativity, imagination, family fun adventures and more.

Endless entertainment 

The energetic videos focus on the boys’ daily life adventures, which are brought to life with special effects and animation, superhero narrative, toy testing, and catchy songs. Last year, Vlad and Niki introduced Christian – the boys’ new baby brother, who is delighting in his older brothers’ antics.

Collect them all

Capturing the joy & excitement that Vlad and Niki have brought to preschoolers, Vlad & Niki’s Superhero Surprise are now available in Australia. Available in a Dino Attack and Robot Battle theme, an action-packed comic book adventure sets the stage for a playtime experience complete with corresponding superhero costumes, vehicles, figures and more, allowing kids to bring their own story to life.


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