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The BEST Whale Watching at Hervey Bay

When it comes to awe-inspiring, up close interactions with humpback whales, there’s no place like Hervey Bay for whale watching. The stunning intimacy of these gentle giants will truly take your breath away, leaving you with amazing memories and even better pictures

Massive Humpback Whale breaching out of the water at Hervey Bay
Massive Humpback Whale breaching out of the water at Hervey Bay

Whale watching tours Hervey Bay

Twenty years of research has confirmed that the Fraser Coast is the only genuine stopover along the migration route, where up to 10,000 whales deviate from their annual journey back to Antarctica.

Unlike whale watching in the open ocean, where the whales simply pass by en route north or south, the whales stay for up to 10 days in Hervey Bay, using the time to rest, play and socialise.

Boats offering decks with 360 degree views, underwater viewing rooms, hydrophones to listen to the whales and underwater cameras on the whale tour vessels are all available to ensure incredible, interactive encounters.

If you’re not busy locking eyes with giant humpback whales aboard a whale watching cruise, there’s plenty more to do around the Fraser Coast…

People interacting with whale humpback at Hervey Bay
People interacting with whale humpback at Hervey Bay

Other natural activities to do in Hervey Bay with the kids

Explore World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, with ancient rainforests, freshwater lakes and flowing streams, just some of Mother Nature’s treats on the world’s largest sand island. Head to Seventy Five Mile Beach, where you will discover a registered beach highway, complete with landing strip and a shipwreck to explore.

Step off Lady Elliot Island and straight into the waters of the world famous Great Barrier Reef. As the largest and most southern coral cay on the reef, Lady Elliot Island is internationally recognised as having some of the highest water visibility and some of the best coral gardens on the Great Barrier Reef.

When can you see whales at Hervey Bay?

Head to and visit this season between late July and November for the world’s best whale watching and so much more!

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