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Wizarding fun from Universal Studios Japan

Harry Potter and the Forbidden JourneyThe Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Sydney office has announced Universal Studios Japan’s latest attractions for Christmas 2014 and winter in Japan, including Universal Wonder Christmas, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN.

Ranked number one in Japan as the perfect Christmas to spend with your loved ones (goo ranking), Universal Wonder Christmas is taking place until 6 January 2015. This special Christmas event will include the World’s Most Illuminated Tree, recognised by the Guinness World Records™ for three consecutive years and the only tree chosen in Japan on Japan Trip Advisor’s list of “10 Christmas trees to see before you die”. Other highlights include the main evening show “The Gift of Angels II – The Song of an Angel,” and the daytime parade “Santa’s Toy March.” The main evening show has received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the worldwide entertainment industry’s top authority, the THEA Awards.

Hogwarts Express

Welcoming its first winter this year, the dramatic snow-covered landscape makes it the perfect season to immerse yourself in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Since its opening in July 2014 the attraction has brought a huge increase in visitors from all over Japan each month. The world featured in the Harry Potter stories is brought to life on a magnificent scale. Nestled deep within a snowy landscape, the rooftops in the village of Hogsmeade are covered in snow and icicles hang from the eaves. The village has been recreated in amazing, elaborate detail and winter is the perfect time to feel like you really are immersed in this world.

Hogwarts Castle1

UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN is a special event that will only be held in 2015, between 23 January and 10 May. It will feature four popular brands from Japan that are renowned around the world – Biohazard, Monster Hunter, Evangelion and Attack on Titan. Evangelion: The Real 4D will be the world’s first 4D Evangelion attraction. Attack on Titan: The Real will feature a 15-metre-tall life-sized Titan as well as a 14-metre-tall female Titan.

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For further information about Universal Studios Japan:

Universal Studios Japan official website

Universal Studios Japan official Facebook page

Universal Studios Japan official Twitter account @USJ_official 

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