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April 5, 2011
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April 19, 2011

It’ll be a sad day when my kids get too old for the zoo. Do they ever get too old for the zoo? I’m sure I enjoy our zoo outings as much as they do. Possibly more.

Australia is blessed with fantastic zoos in every state, and our home town of Sydney has one of the best in the world (in my humble opinion). How can you beat that location? Sydney Harbour-side, with panoramic views of the city skyline, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. These animals live on prime real estate.

We come here a lot (I highly recommend becoming a Zoo-Friend) so we can pick and choose what animals we want to see and what shows we’re going to sit-in this time so we don’t have to stress about seeing EVERYTHING in one day and still managing to fit in at least ONE trip on the cable car.

Today, its big cats, elephants (they always get a look-in), meerkats and the new baby gorilla. And anything else that takes our fancy en-route.

For some reason, the animals all seem quite active today – the lions and tigers are pacing up and down a couple of feet away from us (separated by thick glass obviously) instead of snoozing in one of the far corners. Even the snakes in the Reptile House are all exploring their enclosures rather than hiding under rocks. Brilliant!

Mother gorilla is rather protective of her bub so we don’t get much of a view of her, but the few little glimpses we get are accompanied by lots of oohs and aahs from the crowd at the window. Perhaps even cuter is the baby Francois Leaf-eating Monkey – possibly the cutest critter I’ve ever seen.

Our day’s rounded off with coffee while the kids expend any leftover energy in the Backyard to Bush playground. A day well spent, tired kids, quiet drive home. Mission accomplished.